Stigmata Body Piercing has been established with Dermagraffiti Tattoo in Liverpool since 2001. Before this Dermagraffiti and Stigmata were know as Dermagraffiti tattoo and body piercing. Started by Jay Forshaw (jnr). We are Health Registered for Skin Piercing (not just Ear Piercing).

Our Body Piercers have all served a three year body piercing apprenticeship and have many years experience in all aspects of their art form. We teach our own body piercers and do not let them pierce the public till we know they are ready.

All our instruments and body jewellery are cleaned, packaged and then sterilized in the latest ultra-sonics and vacuum autoclaves. Our needles are single use, and disposed of into a sharps bin immediately after use. All cotton wool and cotton buds used during your body piercing have been packaged and vacuum autoclaved. Needles, jewellery, instruments, cotton wool and cotton buds are all opened in the customers presence.